Monday, September 23, 2013

Take me out to the ballpark

Friday of Labor Day weekend we headed out to the Ranger game with Barrett's whole family. A few months back at work I got this promotional package of tickets, and had some buy one get one free offers. We decided to take advantage of those during a Friday so the kids could enjoy the fireworks after the game also. This summer has been pretty mild as it has not gotten nearly as hot as I am used to it getting, but this day was certainly a hot one.  We had some really great seats on the 3rd base line a few rows up.

The kids were pretty hot before the game so we just took Mason's shirt off to help him cool down a little bit

Considering the heat and being just 2  and 10 months old I would have to say both kids did really well. We did have to start trying to pass the time around the 7th-8th inning and daddy's hat did the trick for both kids for a while. 
Even though it was still over 100 degrees after the sun went down Mason had to have his blanket with him which was making me so much hotter. What can I say the kid loves that blanket :)

We had a fun night at the ballpark but I think we will wait until the kids are just a bit older to take them again, or go in April when its not so hot out yet. 

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