Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Fun 2013

This year for Halloween, my sister/brother in law had a party at their house so we joined in on that fun. The boys were not much better about getting a 'good' picture of them together in their costumes than the week before. Mason had fun trick or treating and Jackson had fun just walking around, up/down the driveway.

Happy Halloween from the Stroud's!

Trunk or Treat

Downtown Wylie puts on Trunk or Treat so we have made it a tradition to attend. Side note: but the morning of Trunk or Treat 2010 is the day we found out we were pregnant with Mason. It was so hard to not shout it from the rooftops that evening while passing out candy. To look back over the last 3 years and see how much we have changed is such a blessing. Who would have known 3 years ago that we would have 2 adorable boys to dress up each year. I couldn't be more thankful if I tried. Back to this years Trunk or Treat. We dressed the boys up as sharks, Barrett was an injured surfer, I was a life guard. I can not take credit for the idea as I saw it on Pintrest previously.

Here are some pictures from our night:
I think this might be the best picture we got from both nights dressing up (Trunk or Treat & Halloween)

 Mason was not happy to have to take a picture with his bubba. All he wanted to do was run around.
 Surfer 'daddy' and his precious little sharks. These sharks are too cute to want to hurt anyone :)

As cute as the boys looked from the front in their costumes. I think the back and the way it looked as they were walking away from you was much cuter. Especially Jackson he waddled in his, and it was just the most adorable thing I have ever seen.

And finally, I will leave you with Jackson just being his handsome self. I could just eat this face up!

1 year photo

After his party we tried to get some birthday pics. Here are just a few of my favorites:

We LOVE you sweet boy and I can not begin to believe that you are already 1! Mommy, Daddy, and Mason love you to the moon and back and so very happy you are a part of us. Happy first birthday!

State Fair 2013

On opening day we took a family trip to the State Fair of Texas. Big Tex burned down at the end of the fair last year so they rebuilt him 'bigger and better' this year.

Our first stop of the day was the checking out all the new cars. Mason loved sitting in the drivers seat in all the cars that Barrett looked in. This picture just kills me, he already looks so old and grinning to be behind the wheel. Hold on boy you still have any 14 years before that happens.

He loved checking out the cars so much he was not the happy camper when we had to get back in the stroller and leave.

We had lunch next, we got corny dogs and I figured I would just share mine with Mason. Well he could have eaten his own, lesson learned for next year. Your 2 year old can eat an entire corny dog, dont try and share one with him.

Up next we went and let him play a game. He picked a duck from the water, not much of a challenge but he felt like he was a big deal for picking it. The only problem is he didn't want to stop taking them out of the water once he got done with his 'turn'.

We did some more walking around just enjoying the day trying some new fried food.

We saw this story time was about to start while walking by so I thought we would stick around and wait for it to start since Mason loves reading/books so much. It was so cute and I am glad we waited for it. Mason sat on the little carpet and even got up and participated with the other kids. I might try and start taking him to a story time more often. 

After some more walking around and eating, we decided to call it a day as it was getting dark and the kids were getting tired since they had only napped in the strollers. We had the best family day at the fair and I hope we now have a new family tradition: going to the fair on opening day

Until next year Big Tex

Monday, September 23, 2013

Take me out to the ballpark

Friday of Labor Day weekend we headed out to the Ranger game with Barrett's whole family. A few months back at work I got this promotional package of tickets, and had some buy one get one free offers. We decided to take advantage of those during a Friday so the kids could enjoy the fireworks after the game also. This summer has been pretty mild as it has not gotten nearly as hot as I am used to it getting, but this day was certainly a hot one.  We had some really great seats on the 3rd base line a few rows up.

The kids were pretty hot before the game so we just took Mason's shirt off to help him cool down a little bit

Considering the heat and being just 2  and 10 months old I would have to say both kids did really well. We did have to start trying to pass the time around the 7th-8th inning and daddy's hat did the trick for both kids for a while. 
Even though it was still over 100 degrees after the sun went down Mason had to have his blanket with him which was making me so much hotter. What can I say the kid loves that blanket :)

We had a fun night at the ballpark but I think we will wait until the kids are just a bit older to take them again, or go in April when its not so hot out yet. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Maw-Maw's Birthday

Over Labor Day weekend my mom's mom, Maw-Maw, had a birthday so we once again traveled to Houston to be a part of her birthday celebration. We had a family get together at my mom's house with our family and Maw-Maw's brother and his family. It was so nice to spend the day celebrating my Maw Maw and getting to hang out with my family.

My grandma and her brother had not seen each other lately so they spent a lot of time catching up and talking about all kinds of things. I know that they both enjoyed themselves just being able to get to see other and catch up.
This is a few pictures of Maw Maw with her brother and her sister in law. 

My Maw Maw makes the BEST Pecan cake known the man (no joke). She normally makes 2-3 each holiday or large get together we have and there is NEVER any left after the family gets a hold of it. She make one for the party and Barrett asked me if he could have some so I said sure, but he told me no one had cut it yet so I just told him to cut a slice. Next thing I know Maw is putting the cake up in the cabinet to hid it from everyone b/c she meant for the cake to only be for her brother. I just had to document her hiding the cake from all of us since she knew it would be gone in seconds.  She said she talked to her brother the next day and he said it was the best cake and didn't know his sister could bake so well :)
Rhianna, our niece, wanting to take a picture with Mason but in true 2 year old fashion that is not what he wanted and this is the best I could get with the 2 of them. 
We didnt bring Mason and swimsuit and my mom had a small blow up pool some of my cousins and niece was playing in so we tried to just let him go in his diaper but it was so full and heavy in no time he could hardly move so we tried to just put him in shorts and they had the hardest time staying in place. Note to self, be sure to pack a swim suit on all future trips because you never know.
 My uncle, cousin and other uncle.
 My aunt and uncle enjoying some cuddle time with Jackson.
Here is Maw and her sister in law with each of their daughters.

Maw Maw was so shocked we would actual get her presents for her birthday and she kept telling us how much we didn't need to do all of that, but for the person who is always thinking about others she needs to have one day for everyone to think about her. 

Mason and Jackson sure did love Maw Maw getting some presents, they played with the tissue paper for such a long time. The small things please little kids for so long. 

Maw Maw, we love you so much and am so glad we were able to come down and help you celebrate your birthday with you. 
Happy Birthday Maw Maw!