Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mason Turns 2

On July 5 Mason turned 2 years old. Time most certainly has gone by so quickly since he was born. In some ways it feels like he has been apart of our family forever and then there are times it feels like it was just yesterday he was about to enter this world. I am sure as the years go on time will feel like its moving even faster.

Each year for his birthday I want to make sure he feels so special. Last year we took him to the Aquarium in downtown Dallas, so this year I was trying to come up with something fun. I found out there is a pretty neat children's museum in Downtown so we decided to try that out after nap time that afternoon.

That morning started early, since lately he has been an early riser (waking just after 7 each morning).

We made his favorite breakfast, pancakes. The kid could eat his weight in pancakes, he loves them!

Mason and Jackson had a fun morning playing together while mommy got some work done.

We headed out to the Perot Museum after naps that afternoon. We started out on the top floor and worked our way down through the museum. It was the day after 4th of July, and a Friday so it was so busy, but we still had lots of fun seeing everything. I certainly think this is something we will come back to over the years because it was so neat and interesting.

Everyone had such a fun time seeing the dinosaurs 

 We got to report the weather also

 We finally made it down to the children's museum and Mason had a blast. We started off by trying to play with the water table but all he wanted to do was pour the water out and did not want to leave the apron on so we quickly moved on from that.

 Next up we headed to the farmers market. Mason loved gathering all the fruit and veggies and putting them in his basket and taking them back up into the truck and sliding them down again. He did this over and over again.

 We then headed outside to play in the large sandbox. He was so focused on everything he was doing.
 After we had played it was getting late and we were getting hungry so we headed out for a birthday dinner. We ended up at Joe's Crab Shack. Mason was not to sure about having all the strangers sign to him

 When we got home it was finally time for presents and cupcakes. He might not have liked being sang to at Joe's but he LOVED it when we sang to him at home.

For his birthday we got him a water table to play with outside but I came across the coolest thing on Pinterest a couple weeks before his birthday so Barrett and I decided to make it and give it to him for his birthday as well.
We had cupcakes and he was so silly eating them, but he was also probably really tired from his fun day at the museum.

Happy 2nd birthday Mason. Mommy and Daddy love you so much and so happy that you are a part of this family and we have been chosen to be your parents. We couldn't imagine our lives without you!

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