Sunday, September 8, 2013

Maw-Maw's Birthday

Over Labor Day weekend my mom's mom, Maw-Maw, had a birthday so we once again traveled to Houston to be a part of her birthday celebration. We had a family get together at my mom's house with our family and Maw-Maw's brother and his family. It was so nice to spend the day celebrating my Maw Maw and getting to hang out with my family.

My grandma and her brother had not seen each other lately so they spent a lot of time catching up and talking about all kinds of things. I know that they both enjoyed themselves just being able to get to see other and catch up.
This is a few pictures of Maw Maw with her brother and her sister in law. 

My Maw Maw makes the BEST Pecan cake known the man (no joke). She normally makes 2-3 each holiday or large get together we have and there is NEVER any left after the family gets a hold of it. She make one for the party and Barrett asked me if he could have some so I said sure, but he told me no one had cut it yet so I just told him to cut a slice. Next thing I know Maw is putting the cake up in the cabinet to hid it from everyone b/c she meant for the cake to only be for her brother. I just had to document her hiding the cake from all of us since she knew it would be gone in seconds.  She said she talked to her brother the next day and he said it was the best cake and didn't know his sister could bake so well :)
Rhianna, our niece, wanting to take a picture with Mason but in true 2 year old fashion that is not what he wanted and this is the best I could get with the 2 of them. 
We didnt bring Mason and swimsuit and my mom had a small blow up pool some of my cousins and niece was playing in so we tried to just let him go in his diaper but it was so full and heavy in no time he could hardly move so we tried to just put him in shorts and they had the hardest time staying in place. Note to self, be sure to pack a swim suit on all future trips because you never know.
 My uncle, cousin and other uncle.
 My aunt and uncle enjoying some cuddle time with Jackson.
Here is Maw and her sister in law with each of their daughters.

Maw Maw was so shocked we would actual get her presents for her birthday and she kept telling us how much we didn't need to do all of that, but for the person who is always thinking about others she needs to have one day for everyone to think about her. 

Mason and Jackson sure did love Maw Maw getting some presents, they played with the tissue paper for such a long time. The small things please little kids for so long. 

Maw Maw, we love you so much and am so glad we were able to come down and help you celebrate your birthday with you. 
Happy Birthday Maw Maw!

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