Friday, November 1, 2013

State Fair 2013

On opening day we took a family trip to the State Fair of Texas. Big Tex burned down at the end of the fair last year so they rebuilt him 'bigger and better' this year.

Our first stop of the day was the checking out all the new cars. Mason loved sitting in the drivers seat in all the cars that Barrett looked in. This picture just kills me, he already looks so old and grinning to be behind the wheel. Hold on boy you still have any 14 years before that happens.

He loved checking out the cars so much he was not the happy camper when we had to get back in the stroller and leave.

We had lunch next, we got corny dogs and I figured I would just share mine with Mason. Well he could have eaten his own, lesson learned for next year. Your 2 year old can eat an entire corny dog, dont try and share one with him.

Up next we went and let him play a game. He picked a duck from the water, not much of a challenge but he felt like he was a big deal for picking it. The only problem is he didn't want to stop taking them out of the water once he got done with his 'turn'.

We did some more walking around just enjoying the day trying some new fried food.

We saw this story time was about to start while walking by so I thought we would stick around and wait for it to start since Mason loves reading/books so much. It was so cute and I am glad we waited for it. Mason sat on the little carpet and even got up and participated with the other kids. I might try and start taking him to a story time more often. 

After some more walking around and eating, we decided to call it a day as it was getting dark and the kids were getting tired since they had only napped in the strollers. We had the best family day at the fair and I hope we now have a new family tradition: going to the fair on opening day

Until next year Big Tex

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