Saturday, September 7, 2013

Grandma Hoffart's 80th Birthday Bash

My grandma Hoffart turned 80 in August so we went to Houston for a party in her honor. Its difficult traveling with 2 young kids so we do not get to go to Houston as much as we would like, so its always special to be able to see my family. 

We had the party on Saturday afternoon and my Dad and Kathy's. We had a lot of family and friends that were able to come out and celebrate with us. My dad and Kathy have a good amount of land so Mason just loved the freedom of being able to run around and do just about anything. It was pretty hot that afternoon but both of the kids had a blast. 

It was a hard task getting mason to actually stop playing for a few minutes to take a pic, but I did manage to get one of him and my dad. Jackson also got a picture with my dad. 

This is the cake we got for my grandma and us signing happy birthday to her and blowing out the candles. 

Like I said earlier we had so many people come out to celebrate with my grandma and we all really appreciate it. 
My Aunt Linda and I were the ones trying to capture the day so my dad said, 'Why dont yall take a pic of the other taking a pic?' So this is my Aunt Linda taking a pic and she has one of my taking a pic of her taking a picture :)
Here is my grandma with her kids (she asked them to line up oldest to youngest)
My grandma with her grandkids and great grandkids that were able to make it. We are missing so many!
and finally my little family

My dad and Kathy have some chickens and Mason likes to go and see them when we visit. 

It was a long day for everyone but the picture below sums up just about how everyone was feeling towards the end

The look on his face was cracking us up, when I took the picture he realized we were watching and then smiled:

Overall it was a very fun day spending with my family, and I would like to wish my grandma a very happy 80th birthday!

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