Monday, August 26, 2013

Beep Beep.....

Ever since having Jackson I have struggled on the best way to approach grocery shopping with two little ones. When Jackson was really young I would just take his infant carrier and put him in the back of the shopping cart, and Mason would ride in the front seat. As that worked for the most part there was hardly ever enough room for any groceries once the bulky car seat was there. As Jackson has gotten older he does not like the infant seat as much and wants to be sitting up watching everyone around him. I have tried a few different things while grocery shopping lately: wearing Jackson in my baby sling, letting Mason sit/stand in the back of the shopping cart (huge no-no maybe but I only do it on ones that have deep baskets), letting them both sit in the front seat sharing a leg hole. Nothing seems to have really worked out until we went into Kroger the other day and Mason saw the cart with the car attached to the basket. He kept saying car, car, car. I thought we would give it a try and they both seemed to really love it.

Grocery Shopping will never be the same for us now. I had to make a quick run into Kroger the other day for just 3 things and there were no 'cars' available and Mason said 'car, car, car' and was not happy the whole time we were picking up what we needed.  At least I have finally found the way to make my grocery shopping trips more enjoyable for all 3 of us. 


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